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Greip® is a modern, comprehensive tool for business-oriented management of the entire lifecycle of intellectual property rights. The strength of the tool is its unparalleled adaptability to the needs of the company – each feature and tool can be customized to precisely meet the company’s requirements and operating environment. This enables efficient information management, smooth cooperation, strategic decision-making, and systematic management of intellectual property rights for organizations of all sizes.

Greip® 10 is a genuinely open ecosystem. It allows organizations to choose suitable partners, be it an attorney, an annuity service provider, or a search tool. Greip® combines all the information, offering superior visibility into decision-making and reporting. The system supports highly versatile access control features, allowing each role to be granted access only to the information that is appropriate for that role.

Greip® 10 offers the following features:

IP Management:

Manage all intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and trade secrets in one centralized system.

Deadline Management:

Automatic reminders and schedules ensure that all important deadlines are met on time.


Built-in communication tools facilitate secure internal and external communication and the involvement of parties in joint activities.

Attorney Notifications:

Proactive and efficient view for attorneys to report to clients. IP law firms can also build integration for automated reporting.

Graphical Reports and Dashboards:

Get comprehensive visual reports and summary statistics in an easy-to-understand format. Build visual views of the relevant information for different target groups.

IP Portfolio Management:

A comprehensive tool for creating various portfolios from IP assets. Portfolios can be created based on technologies, products, brands, or business areas. They can display selected IP information from a suitable perspective and are supported by graphic reporting.

Invention Tool:

A comprehensive tool for handling and managing employee inventions from start to finish. Supports legal requirements. Inventors can easily access the tool, for example, through the company intranet using SSO authentication.

Idea Tool:

A tool for collecting and evaluating innovative ideas for various purposes. Participants can easily access the tool, for example, through the company intranet using SSO authentication.

Decision Support:

Advanced tools for strategic decision-making and risk management. Involving the business in decision-making has been made very effective.

Forms Tool:

Provides customizable forms and workflows for managing various processes. Handles all IP activities in the same system.

IP Landscape:

A special tool for visually assessing the IP landscape of the company and its competitive environment. Makes IP management more strategic.

CLM Tool:

A tool for centrally managing the lifecycle of all the company’s contracts from beginning to end. Makes the process from contract negotiations to planned maintenance systematic. Contract management can also be offered as a separate solution.

API Interfaces:

The system offers a full interface for integrations with other systems and tools. The interface follows the same access control for ensuring security.

Each feature and tool of the system is designed to work seamlessly together, allowing for the creation of a versatile and efficient IP management solution tailored to the client’s needs.


The Greip® system has very high security standards. The system is delivered to clients solely from a data center in Finland, which has been reviewed by various authorities and clients and has, for example, ISO 27001 certification. Greip ensures that the staff who handle customer data are trained in security, and they have passed personal security clearance. Greip IP Solutions Oy belongs to the Berggren Group that has a robust security and a Code of Conduct policy and process.

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