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Are you looking for a business driven and effective way to enhance your intellectual asset management?

Greip™ Complete is the solution for managing your intellectual assets over their entire lifecycle. Greip™ Complete provides effective and business-oriented tools for innovating, protecting, managing and utilizing your intellectual assets. No matter what type of intellectual property or legal cases you have – patents, trademarks, designs – just to name a few, this is the right solution for you.

Greip™ Complete tools for Intellectual Property lifecycle

Ideas & Inventions


IP Management



Follow up.


All IP communication automatically linked to the relevant cases.
All files up to date – all the time.

Greip™ 10 is fully modular and scalable solution to match the needs and requirements of your organization and IP portfolio.

You can centralize your entire IP portfolio into Greip™ and give an easy access for all the relevant parties to provide them with visibility to the desired IP information. Greip™ also provides a secure platform for co-operating and communicating with your internal stakeholders and external IP partners.

Greip™ Complete is a SaaS solution available 24/7 from anywhere in the world, and you can access the service with a mobile application as well. Greip™ servers and databases are located in a high security data center in Helsinki, Finland.

We can take you further - Let’s bring your Intellectual Asset Management to the next level!

We’re not just a software company providing the best tools for your IPR management. Our strong background and long experience working in the IPR industry gives us also the ability to help, guide, and support you to utilize the possibilities of your Intellectual Property to maximize the benefits for your business. 

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