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Greip® IP Management Solution
for Growth Companies

Greip® 10 is designed specifically to support businesses for whom innovations, inventions, brands, trade secrets, and resulting intellectual property rights are crucial for business success. The tool offers comprehensive features and tools for IP management throughout the life cycle of business-oriented IP. Greip® 10 can be customized directly from the user interface to meet the specific needs of different growing businesses, helping you utilize intellectual property rights as a strategic tool for growing your business. Greip® is a truly open ecosystem where you can use partners that suit you best in different IP management roles. Read more about the system’s features on the Solutions page.

We have created, especially for growth companies, an IP management development path utilizing best practices in IP management, with which we can jointly elevate your company’s IP management to meet the current and future requirements of your company’s growth and internationalization. With this operating model, we aim to ensure that our clients can fully benefit from their intellectual property rights in business and actively anticipate and neutralize related risks. We implement the IP management development model either by utilizing the expertise of the client’s current IP attorney partner or by using the best expertise of our own group’s Berggren IP Consulting team.

IP Management
Development Journey

We are happy to arrange an online or live presentation and demo session where we can discuss what the IP management development path looks like on your journey to success.

Greip 10 Complete

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We can take you further - Let’s bring your Intellectual Asset Management to the next level!

We’re not just a software company providing the best tools for your IPR management. Our strong background and long experience working in the IPR industry gives us also the ability to help, guide, and support you to utilize the possibilities of your Intellectual Property to maximize the benefits for your business. 

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