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Greip® 10: A Strategic IP Management Platform for Corporations

Greip® 10 has been developed to meet the complex and extensive needs of large corporations in managing intellectual property rights. The system is designed to serve organizations managing thousands, or even tens of thousands, of IP cases. Greip® offers an exceptionally adaptable and scalable solution set that supports corporate growth, innovation, and internationalization at a strategic level.

Customizable and Scalable Platform: Greip® smoothly adapts to your company’s unique needs, offering a customizable interface and data sets that enable individual planning and implementation of IP strategies. The platform scales with your company’s needs, ensuring that IP management keeps pace as the business expands and becomes more complex.

Strategic Tool for Business Support: Greip® is more than an IP management system; it is a strategic partner that helps large corporations leverage their intellectual property rights to gain a competitive edge. The platform provides comprehensive tools and analytics for deep management of the IP portfolio, risk management, and decision-making support.

Open Ecosystem and Collaboration: Greip® is designed to support open collaboration between internal teams and external partners, such as IP agents. This promotes effective communication and cooperation, ensuring that IP strategies and actions are consistent and aligned with the company’s goals. You can choose the best partners for different sectors of IP management and intelligently integrate all information flows through Greip’s interfaces into your IP management system.

Greip® offers a strategic platform that combines technological advancement and adaptability, supporting large corporations’ efforts to utilize their intellectual property rights as a catalyst for business growth and internationalization. Contact us for more information and to arrange a presentation and demo session where we can explore together how Greip® can support your company’s path to success.

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