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Greip® IP Management Solution
for Brand Owners

Greip® 10 is designed to provide brand owners with comprehensive tools for the brand management journey, from developing brand names to strategic management and maintenance of registered trademarks. The solution enables seamless brand management in collaboration with all your chosen partners, such as IP law firms, using secure and efficient communication tools. Our solution can be customized for each business to ensure that all aspects of brand management integrate seamlessly, offering a holistic approach to strengthening the value of your brands.

At the heart of our service is the ability to seamlessly support the brand management process, from gathering and evaluating name ideas to systematic management and maintenance of registered trademarks. Your company’s different trademarks can be grouped into brand portfolios, allowing for the examination of different versions of each brand’s trademarks (word marks, figurative marks, and their different generations) as a unified visual entity. Brands can be linked to your company’s products and services, making their active use in business visible and measurable. Up-to-date Proof of Use can be collected for trademarks to ensure the maintenance of important trademarks in business-critical countries. We offer an efficient solution for trademark renewals and provide integration with multiple renewal service providers.

With our solution, the management of one of your company’s most important assets becomes transparent, measurable, and predictable. We understand that the global business environment requires strategic foresight in brand management, and our solution is developed to offer you insights and support in making informed decisions. Maintained IP data is easy to report, and graphical tables can be varied depending on the user type.

Greip® 10 is more than just a tool; it is your partner in your brand’s journey to success. Discover how Greip® 10 can transform your approach to brand management. Contact us for a detailed presentation and demo session, where we will explore how our solution can support your brand’s journey to success.

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