Greip welcomes Beneq on board!

Beneq, a leading supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition equipment and thin film coating services, and the world’s premier manufacturer of thin film electroluminescent displays, has chosen Greip® as their IP management solution for invention handling.

With Greip®, all data related to Beneq’s inventions, including documents and other materials, discussions, evaluations, tasks and deadlines, are in one secure and easy-to-use solution. Inventors can easily bring their ideas and inventions forward to the company’s attention, and Greip® provides timely visibility on how the inventions flow through the company’s invention handling and decision making process.  

To meet and further support Beneq’s business needs,  inventions can be divided by business area or other relevant categorization, and invention disclosure, alarms and notifications to respective stakeholders is made easy. Evaluation boards with internal or external parties support decision making and the level of providing details for selected target groups can be fully managed by the company.

“By taking Greip® in use we will be taking a leap towards modern digitalized inventions handling. With all inventions related data in one place, following and developing our invention process is made easy and transparent, and we believe that this will help taking the level of innovation to the next level”, says Olli Pekonen, IPR Director at Beneq.

Once again, the Greip® team welcomes and thanks Beneq for joining the family!