Coffee Break with Greip® – Webinar Series

Welcome to our webinar series! This three-part webinar is all about helping you as a Greip® user. This webinar series will help you to be more efficient with Greip®. Webinars will include concrete tips and will develop you to the next level as a Greip® user.

These webinars will be held in English. By registering, you’ll gain access to webinar recordings, ensuring you can benefit from the content at your convenience, even if you’re unable to attend the live sessions.

Date: 17.11. / 1.12. / 15.12.
Time: 9.00 – 9.40 – 30min presentation + 10min for questions

17.11. Tips and Tricks for Efficiency in Greip® 10
– Tips and Tricks for using Greip® more efficiently
– We will go through overall themes, usability tips, and the latest features.

1.12. Communication in Greip® 10
– We want to showcase Greip® communication
– We will go through for example communication in portfolio management and different ways to communicate and chat in Greip®
– New feature Outlook add-in

15.12. Portfolio Management in Greip® 10
– We want to share tips on how Greip® can support managing your portfolio
– We will go through for example useful customized fields, family summaries, landscapes, strategic portfolios

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Welcome to have a coffee break with Greip®!