Chempolis innovates with Greip®

Chempolis manages ideas and inventions with Greip® Complete

The biorefining technology company, Chempolis, has selected Greip® Complete IP management solution to improve their innovation process, from ideas to inventions.

Chempolis’ biorefining processes are designed to minimize environmental impacts and maximize social benefits. The technologies enable bioethanol, high quality pulps like dissolving pulp, cellulosic sugars, biochemicals and sulfur free lignin to be produced sustainably from all lignocellulosic raw materials. Chempolis’ business model is to license biorefining technologies, but their expertise covers also conceptual, process and plant engineering. 

Identifying and gathering new ideas and inventions is crucial for any company whose business is based on licensing. Therefore, Chempolis wanted to improve their innovation process by ensuring that all improvement ideas and inventions are handled, stored and evaluated duly. 

Greip® Complete provides a platform where employees may submit an idea/invention, regardless of their location, using the SaaS-based service, and the responsible people for evaluating and processing the ideas/inventions get notified without delay. All discussions, materials and other relevant data relating to the ideas/inventions are managed in Greip® for immediate actions or stored for future use.  

Päivi Rousu, VP of R&D and IPR, from Chempolis: “We value highly all ideas coming from our personnel whether they relate to our products, manufacturing processes or anything else. We want to encourage our people to come up with more innovations, so we need to have an easy way of submitting them and an efficient way of processing and managing them.  With Greip® Complete we are able to gather and process the ideas, and improve our products efficiently.” 

“Working together with Chempolis is inspiring because they are taking empowerment to the next level. It all begins by involving your employees in the innovation process from early on and creating a culture where everybody can take part and affect the way things are improved. We’re happy to be able to support Chempolis in this important task with Greip® Complete”, says Marko Rapeli, the CEO of Greip IP Solutions. 

About Chempolis: Chempolis is a renowned provider of groundbreaking biorefining technologies for energy, biofuel, oil, paper and chemical industries and companies. Chempolis’ formico® technologies turn biomass into high-quality products profitably and responsibly. The technologies offer a 30 percent better cash flow and a significantly shorter payback period than competition. Chempolis’ dedication to create clean and efficient solutions has resulted in more than 100 granted patents.