The second biggest patent portfolio owned by a Finnish company will be managed with Greip IP management solution

Outotec and Greip IP Solutions have signed an agreement to take Greip into full use at Outotec. Based on intensive R&D Outotec has a strong IP portfolio, owning currently the second biggest patent portfolio in Finland.

Outotec expects significant yearly benefits through the usage of Greip, coming from reduced patenting costs, reduced compliance risks and especially from better commercial utilization of IP.

The process of taking Greip into use has been fast. The Greip implementation project was started in April and Outotec will have the system in daily use in early June.

Greip was selected after a rigorous three-phased tendering process that weighted commercial terms, functionality, development plans and user experience of the competing solutions in detail. The RFQ process was conducted with a total of thirteen globally most prominent IP management solution providers.

Greip was seen as an especially strong solution in supporting all the needed functionality of the IP management team and it ranked as the top solution for ease of use for the business and top management users. The business users commented Greip as “by far the easiest and most modern user interface that can be used with virtually no training” and “a modern browser-based solution with everything conveniently in one place“.

“We’re happy to start working with Greip, as it clearly outdid the competing solutions in terms of ease of use, effectiveness and support for our business users, which was especially important for us. The solution allows better business usage of our IP, makes our IP management team far more effective and supports our invention evaluation process with a fully digital solution for invention disclosure management. In addition the Greip team is easy and fun to work with – what more could you ask for?” comments Mikael Mäkelä, Senior IP Manager who was responsible for the IP management solution tendering process.

Outotec’s comprehensive offering creates the best value for its customers in the mining, metal, energy, and chemical industries. Leading technologies are the core strength of Outotec. The company develops and delivers technologies that enable its customers to improve their profitability in a sustainable way.

Outotec is a publicly owned company in NASDAQ OMH. The turnover of the company was over 1,2 Billion Euros in 2018.