Greip @ IP Service World

Greip IP Solutions participated in the IP Service World, held in Munich on November 26th-27th 2018.

With over 600 guests and 75 exhibitors from all over the world, IP Service World is the largest IP convention in Europe, where the latest trends and news are brought to the scene. Greip, as one of the event partners, was visibly present at the event with our constantly busy stand, and also as a speaker at the event. This wasn’t the first time for us at IPSW, so it has been interesting to see how the IP industry is changing and evolving.

The IP industry is undergoing a major transformation as the amount of IP is rapidly growing and the possibilities of digitalization, i.e. the opportunities brought along by new technologies, create opportunities for enhancing ways to e.g. manage IP more efficiently.

From our perspective, it is highly interesting to see the growing amount of new service providers entering the market. It’s clear, that the forecasted and inevitable growth of the IP management software market is attracting a lot of new players. At the same time, as is typical for early stages of market development, the solutions available are fairly scattered and solving only part of the problem at hand. A large variety of search tools – with or without AI, validation tools, docketing tools, innovation tools, etc. were present.

This confirms our understanding that Greip still seems to be the only IP management provider, offering a truly complete solution for the entire IP lifecycle management, from innovation to contract management. It gave us tremendous motivation to keep developing Greip further to keep it at the forefront of IP management solution providers.

With our philosophy, which is not offering “just” a tool but the actual core engine to run the whole IP management ecosystem to support business, we believe Greip is on a completely different level in comparison to the vast majority of players. We had the pleasure of presenting together with UPM Kymmene, the world’s largest Biofore company, how the ecosystem thinking solves everyday challenges of strategic business decision making.

In the 2019 IP Service World event, we’ll be even more visible and will have more interesting news to share. We hope to stick out even brighter and lead by example with the world’s most business oriented IP management solution available. Looking forward!