Are you looking for an effective solution for enhancing Client co-operation?


Greip™ eService is a modern collaboration platform for law firms and their clients. It provides secure interactive communication and client oriented tools for effectively managing client IP. With Greip™ eService you can facilitate  your strategic IP partnership with your clients.

Greip™ eService can be integrated via Greip API to your ERP system, thus providing two-way data transfer between your ERP and Greip™. This removes need for manual reporting into different systems.

With improved reporting, communication and quality of data you will enhance your customers’ service experience helping to grow your business.

Interactive collaboration


Communication through the Greip™ eService platform is more secure, interactive and easy than conventional email. All data is accessible regardless of organizational changes.

Increased value of partnership


You can offer your IP services proactively to your clients as you can better anticipate their needs, based on their portfolio status.

Improved efficiency


Integration possibility removes the need for manual reporting, which gives the client quicker access to data and better data quality.