Fimer S.p.A. selects Greip

Greip and Fimer S.p.A. have signed an agreement to take Greip® IP Management solution into use at Fimer


Fimer S.p.A. acquired ABB’s solar inverter business in 2019, becoming one of the leading companies in the industry. Along with the business, the related IP portfolio was transferred from ABB to Fimer.

This required a quick decision to choose and implement a world class IP management solution, to ensure a smooth transfer of the IP data from ABB to Fimer and to secure the efficient management of the IP(R)’s in the future.

R&D is in a key role at Fimer, as the industry is growing fast. Looking to the future, Fimer’s key growth drivers will include the development of advanced technologies, including the use of blockchain and cutting-edge miniaturized products, and a strong effort in digitalization.

By implementing Greip®, Fimer will be able to better manage the innovation processes and manage their strong portfolio of inventions, patents, trademarks and designs, along with all other IP, throughout their entire lifecycle.

Greip® not only helps the IP function in their daily tasks and routines but supports the whole business in IP related decision making as part of the overall strategy.  

”Investment in research and development are of key importance to us. With a strengthened IP portfolio, we are better placed to shape the future of this increasingly strategic business. By selecting Greip® as our IP management solution, we are in a better position to support our business”, says Paolo Casini, CTO at Fimer S.p.A..

“We’re extremely happy to be working together with Fimer. The international presence of Greip continues to grow and Fimer represents a model example of how quickly things can be taken into use and start adding value to everyday business”, says Marko Rapeli, Managing Director at Greip IP Solutions.

The contract was signed in January and Greip® was taken into use already in February. It is now in full utilization.

The entire Greip team warmly welcomes FIMER as part of the growing Greip community!


About: Fimer S.p.A. is the fourth largest solar inverter supplier in the world. Specializing in solar inverters and mobility systems, it has over 1100 employees worldwide and offers a comprehensive solar solutions portfolio across all applications. FIMER’s skills are further strengthened by its bold and agile approach that sees it consistently invest in R&D.

With a presence in 26 countries together with local training centers and manufacturing hubs, FIMER remains close to its customers and the ever-evolving dynamics of the energy industry. Following the acquisition and integration of ABB’s solar inverter business in the first quarter of 2020, and under the umbrella of the renewed FIMER brand, the newly acquired solar inverter portfolio continues to carry the ABB brand under the trademark license agreement.