Business Finland funds Greip® development

Greip IP Solutions receives major funding for R&D from Business Finland

Business Finland helps Finnish companies turn innovative, industry changing ideas into global success stories. This is exactly what Greip intends to do, making the two a perfect match.

After the spin-off, a year and a half ago from Berggren, Greip IP Solution is in an interesting position. Greip is like a start-up, but with an almost 20 -year legacy of domain experience and software development history. Becoming independent, with the ambitious goals we have set ourselves, brings all kind of matters to the table that need to be adressed. One of them being, how to finance all the development work that is planned to get us where we want.

That’s where the co-operation with Business Finland stepped in: Greip has received a total of 1,2 million euro funding from Business Finland, supporting our extensive development plan. The funding, which is a combination of grant and loan, ensures a stable path to get the needed resources for in-house developers, as well as out-sourced, researchers, programmers, designers and consultants.

Greip presented its three phased business plan to the Business Finland team in the fall of 2018. The plan included a detailed roadmap of further developing the award-winning IPM SaaS solution into an industry changing success story and Greip IP Solutions into one of the leading IP management software providers in the world. The plan convinced the Business Finland team and the program is now well under way.

At Greip, we believe that we already are at the very front row as an IP management solution provider – the proof is in the pudding – but more needs to be done in order to maintain and strengthen our leading position, as the market environment continuously evolves,.

“The substantial financial support from Business Finland, as part of a bigger plan, enables us to realize our goals regarding R&D and market expansion”, says Marko Rapeli, Managing Director of Greip IP Solutions.